Te deseamos una vida feliz Kin


Buenas noches, lágrima de felicidad. Recibir este email de la familia de Kin, quien viajo a su nuevo hogara New York, luego de haber sido abandonado a solo horas de haber nacido en una caja con sus hermanos y madre en la entrada de #sasfapr nos da la fuerza pa seguir. Misión cumplida chicxs, seguimos trabajando arduamente por el resto del corillo de #sasfa. Les deseamos una vida feliz. Gracias a todo nuestro equipo, voluntarios, donantes y colaboradores por hacerlo posible.
“We loved your letter—thanks so much for taking the time to give us all of that background on Kin. Our last dog was a rescue dog but we adopted her as an adult and the shelter knew next to nothing about her prior life which always made us sad. Kin (who we’ve renamed Alvy Singer, for the character in Annie Hall), has been a dream. He slept through the night without a peep, and is doing nicely on his walks. It takes me forever to walk a block with him because everybody falls in love and needs to greet him and even snap photos!
The boys are excited to take him to our place upstate because there is a stream and a pond, and given his fondness for water, we think he’ll be very happy. We’ll keep you posted.


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