Mensaje de la familia de Monti desde New York


A 6 meses de su viaje New York a un hogar, la familia de Monti antes Dean le envio este hermoso mensaje:
” Hello!

Monty is he best pup ever! He has grown a lot, but he’s still a shortie, hehe 🙂 He weighs 35 pounds, and is very long! Our guess is that he’s part Pittbull and part basset hound. His paws are huge!

Now that the weather is nice and warm, we’ve taken him to Kim’s family house on a lake in upstate NY. He LOVES it there. He and the 4 other family dogs run around in the woods, go for hikes, and swim! Monty enjoys boat rides and is a great swimmer! His cousins are teaching him. It’s truly doggy paradise and a little crazy! ”

Seguimos salvando y transformando una vida a la vez. Gracias a los hogares temporeros que rehabilitan estxs chicxs luego del abandono y les preparan para una nueva vida. Sin tu apoyo no podemos realizarlo, cada dólar que nos donas se transforma en vida.

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